Asmirandah Zantman

Full Name : Asmirandah Zantman
Name : Andah
Born : Jakarta, 5 October 1989
father name : M. Farmidji Zantman
mother's name: Sani suliwati
hobbies : on, the Internet, a collection of dolls

Ananta the Asty

Ananta the Asty have full name Annastya Yuntya Eka Wardhani (born in Semarang [Semarang where?], Central Java, on June 19, 1984; age 24 years) in the U.S. entertainment world he is known as the patron and the carrier event.

* 1 Career
* 2 Life personal
Rather * 3
* 4 Filmografi
* 5 Screening
* 6 References


Asty start a career in the entertainment world's land after being selected as champion II Top Guest Aneka (1999) and also selected as Sunsilk & Tiara Girls Girls Tiara Favorites (2000). With these victories, the Asty into the art world role. Some patron who had dibintanginya among other Ksatria Antipolo, as dreams, blood creations, I Commercial, and Love Child Campus. Asty also had to play feature films entitled for (2003) upbringing director Asun Mawardi.

In addition, the first of three children from families with H. Hendra and BT Hj Yuntianungrum it, also appear in the event Ketawa Evening (Transtv), Progran ESQ (NTI), and a number of FTV. Asty also driving programs compete Dangerman music talent, KDI in FAP.

Asty been following the reality that pair celebrity Preventions Dangerman with non-Dangerman, complete Mendut 2 (For complete Dangerman 2 in ANTV) with a pair Vety Vera. They successfully reached the final round, [1], but I seized by the duet victory Julia Perez-Cintya Sari. [2]

Private life

Asty love story really colorful. Women bertinggi body is 168 cm had formed a love with Yuliansyah. Mengemparkan parting them slightly because Asty allegedly 'do pengeroyokan' pacarnya against it. However, it then be debated by Asty with pengacaranya, Ruhut want.

Artika Sari Devi

Artika Sari Devi (born in Bangka Belitung, 29 September 1979; age 29 years old) is the ninth Puteri Indonesia in 2004. Derived from Alberta

* 1 Career
o 1.1 Contests beauty
o 1.2 World entertainment
* 2 Education
* 3 Private Life
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* 5 Screening
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Beauty contest

With 168 cm tall and weigh 47 kg, Artika Sari Devi represents, Bangka Belitung in the arena of electoral Puteri Indonesia 2004. Puteri Indonesia Artika into the age to 25. Although many people be gazed, INTERGRATE to Thailand to attend the Miss Universe arena boasts enough. Women's 168 cm high with this successfully is the only Asian woman who successfully entered in 15 of Miss Universe 2005. Before leaving to become deputy in the arena of Miss Universe, Tia, greeting akrabnya also must face the issue of nude photos that have face the chest with similar. But deny Tia it himself, [1]

Entertainment world

After completing their duties as Puteri Indonesia, Tia active in the entertainment world, a better ad model, presenter, or play movies. The film is also dibintanginya Opera Jawa (2006) and the Planet Mars (2008). In debutnya, Tia achieved in the Best Actress Film Festival 3 Continent Nantes, France. [2] [3] Tia also had to play in the indie movie called Dead Central Bujang Night with Candra Eross.

R.A. Ardina Rasti Widiani

R.A. Ardina Rasti Widiani (born in Jakarta, 6 January 1986) is a woman player in the bertinggi body 167 cm. Rasti is the child-to 2 of 2 with. He also had some of her endeavors in film land and water and had become a model of the video clip. It now meramabah it and have issued an album perdananya. Currently Rasti Central Wija love with Lucky, former vocalist music group Element.

* 1 Career
o 1.1 Re / television movie
o 1.2 Filmografi
o 1.3 Album
o 1.4 Ad
o 1.5 Video clip
* 2 Screening


Re / television movie

* FTV version of Ariel Peterpan (production dbb / Vertigo 2006)
* Naudzubilah Min Dzalik (production Garuda Film 2005)
* Sakaw Stars (production Inova 2005)

Laudya Chintya Bella

Laudya Chintya Bella or usually called Bella (born in Jakarta on 24 February 1988; age 20 years) is a star patron, Indonesia A stage. He never played in the film and patron known as Virgin, Red Lantern. Rather terkenalnya that is never dibintanginya hum puberty and Juragan Jengkol. He also began pulling the world together with a group vocal sound upbringing Melly Goeslaw Not Ordinary Stars with Raffi Ahmad, Chelsea Olivia Wijaya, Dimas Beck, and Shuyin. Bella berzodiak Fishes and bershio Dragon.


* Hum puberty
* Love Teen
* The Story In Sunday
* The Story of Angel
* Cuek But Love
* Akulah Arjuna
* The fern 1
* The fern 2
* The Virgin Series
* Juragan Jengkol
* So expecting Star
* Youth Romantika
* Legend Eps Bawang Putih Bawang Merah
* Interest


* Virgin (2004)
* Red Lantern (2006)
* Share Husband (2006)
* Not Star Choice (2007)
* Love (2008)
* Nature 3 (2008)


* Let's Dance Together (2006 Single Together BBP)
* Not Soundtrack Star Choice (2007)


* Favorite Things Putri Java in 2003
* Kawanku champions 2 Model 2002
* Finalists Majalah Bobo in 1997

Mandy Moore

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Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore and rocker Ryan Adams have wed in a secret Georgia ceremony - just one month after announcing their engagement, according to internet reports. The 24-year-old pop star-turned-actress and 34-year-old Adams exchanged vows in a small, simple ceremony in Savannah, Georgia on Tuesday, reports blogger Perez Hilton. Few people knew the stars were dating again after their on-and-off romance fell apart last year, and Moore started romancing ex-boyfriend Adam 'DJ AM' Goldstein as he recovered from a plane crash in South Carolina in September. Moore and Goldstein split in December, when the actress/singer reportedly reunited with Adams. Adams recently announced his plans to step back from music and disband his group The Cardinals to concentrate on other projects. The rocker was previously engaged to British singer/songwriter Leona Naess, but they split in 2003. The marriage will be the first for both stars.

Luna Maya

Her name was Luna Maya, she's an Indonesian actress, models and also a music presenter nowadays she was known as the highest earning celebrity in indonesia, she's really beautiful and has a great body shape... we hope that you like her,

Luna initiated his career as a model. Women who have high 173 cm this then dive into the entertainment world in 2004 through the 30 Day Search for Love. In the film, Luna is also a younger brother of uterus National Surfer tipi Jabrik figures portray Barbara, a beautiful girl section which is the idol of all men. This is her first role as a main actress. Find out more from Luna Maya - The Most Beautiful Indonesian Actress

Successful role in Barbara, Luna again involved in the film Brownies in 2005. Landing in the film director Hanung Bramantyo that, Luna only get a small role. Luna the first to get the role as the main character through the role of Mina in Bangsal 13 in the same year.

The name Luna more bounce in Indonesia entertainment world, while a role in the film Cinta Silver. Along with her relationship with Ariel, the vocalist from Peterpan. Gossip about their relationship with Ariel more risen her name in the entertainment stage, because at the same time, Ariel is one of the idol of the girls in Indonesia. However, both direct proximity gosip ebb after Ariel married by accident with another girl, Sarah Amelia, and engaged women. After the Ariel wedding, Luna does not close to other people.

During his career, she has been headline no less than seven films, such as Brownies, Love Silver, space, Bangsal 13, Jakarta Undercover, 30 Day Search for Love, and the Message from Heaven. Some of her sinetron starring, among others, And You and I, Ada Cinta, Rahasiaku, Anggun, The Light Paradise, Sujudku and who live on the TV subscriptions Astro Love End.

Luna is a former paramour of Fachry Albar this ad headline some products such as Lux, Zestea, Sarimie, Vitalong C Bu cream and detergent

April Scott

April Scott who was born on 29 January 1979 in Poplar Bluff, Missouri is an actress and model. She featured on TV programmes like CSI:Miami and Deal or No Deal. Apparently, she was quite popular in her high school days, participating in many beauty pageants and winning more than half of them. She graduated as valedictorian from College of the Ozarks with a degree in Theater and a minor in rhetoric. Most recently, she was the cover model for MAXIM’s 2008 Celebrity Calendar and ranked #63 on MAXIM’s hot 100 list of 2007

April Scott (born April Ann McIntosh on January 29, 1979 in Poplar Bluff, Missouri) is an American actress and model. She has appeared on television programs such as Deal or No Deal and CSI: Miami, she also starred in the direct-to-video prequel to the Dukes of Hazzard movie.

April has also hosted on several TV shows including: Ripley's Believe it or Not, Ripe TV, Octane TV, Paranormal News, and The Hook on ESPN. April has appeared in numerous modeling ad campaigns as well as on numerous magazines covers across the world. In May of 2008, April released her first book, "Behind The Briefcase," an autobiography of her experiences working as Model #14 on the NBC gameshow Deal or No Deal.

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